161 years after the company was founded, Junghans presented themselves with great success at the Geneva and Munich trade fairs in the spring of 2022, thereby opening up access to international markets. A whole new level of commitment is essential if the new, strategic requirements for today’s rapidly progressive changes are to be implemented. Enter company partner Hannes Steim, whose vast experience as a senior manager both domestically and abroad will be warmly welcomed on the 1st of June. Previous roles have afforded him a wealth of knowledge in this capacity, not least his last position as manager of KERN-LIEBERS in Schramberg.

He will represent Junghans as manager alongside Matthias Stotz, who has fulfilled managerial duties for Junghans since July, 2007. This new dual management will collectively unlock the tremendous potential for international growth for watches of the Junghans brand, as well as capturing new and strategic supplementary business areas. The personal commitment of the owner family to hands-on running of the business once again underscores the great support behind the distinguished watch manufacturer Junghans from Schramberg.

With their numerous patents and technical new product developments, Junghans have enjoyed global renown as pioneers of the watch making industry throughout their company history, providing innovations for the classic mechanical watches, through to radio and solar technology in modern electronic watches. In addition to their technological features, Junghans watches are also noted in particular for their design. The internal design culture was strengthened around the middle of the 20th century, and for a period saw important contributions from notable designers such as Max Bill or Hartmut Esslinger. To this day, the in-house design department in Schramberg continue to produce multiple award-winning timepieces. The max bill Mega Solar recently won the prestigious Inhorgenta Award in April of 2022. This multi-frequency radio-controlled titanium watch featuring app-connectivity is highly impressive due to its light weight, skin-friendliness, exceptional wear comfort and ultimate time display precision, whilst also remaining true to the traditional design.